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On Non-Violence
14th Oct 2023
Trinity College, Dublin
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"You have the power to STOP this"
Humanity living in peace and harmony is the only hope for our survival on this planet. Peace and justice is the cry of millions around the world. With the advancement of science and technology our ability to do great service has increased enormously so also our capacity to destroy all life on this earth. With the weapons of today, this planet can be destroyed in 45 minutes, and many times over. Peace will not come by itself but has to be brought about by our active involvement. Pax Christi was born out the ashes of World War II to promote peace is our world. Peace is needed today more than ever before.

Support the work of Pax Christi Ireland in its efforts to make our world a more just and peaceful place for shared humanity. Please fill in this form and click “Submit” at the bottom. We will send you the necessary information. Your details will be strictly used for the said purpose only.

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